What is a Long-distance Feng Shui Consultation?

A "Long Distance or Remote" Feng Shui consultation can be done anytime. I offer this service for those who would prefer an on-line Consultation or those who live in rural or remote areas.

I can obtain the compass readings of your home from Google Compass maps. I require you to send me photos of your home and a floor plan of the main floor (to scale). I can give you information on how to do this if you are unable.  I will send you a questionnaire that will assist me to determine which areas in your life need more support and we can focus on specific areas. This information helps me calculate how your personal Feng Shui energy interacts with your home or business. You will receive an individualized Feng Shui Report you may print and it will give you all the instructions you require to balance the elements and energy in your home or business.  You will receive on going support via e-mail or phone. Included are Feng Shui resources to print at home.